About the Board

Your Board of Education is composed of seven residents of the District who have been elected by the qualified voters of District #24. The Board is an arm of the State government. The members are charged by law to set proper standards of education for the community and to carry out the mandates of the New York State Education Department. They serve without remuneration. 

The Board of Education holds its regular monthly business meeting on the fourth Wednesday of the month except as noted on the calendar. In addition, special meetings may be held. All regular meetings start at 7:30 P.M., and are held at the William L. Buck School.

The quality of education in a community depends to a great extent on the interest and concern of the residents. You are urged to attend these meetings as one means of keeping informed about school district matters. Time is provided at the conclusion of every meeting's agenda for those residents in attendance, to express views or ask questions.

Mission Statement

The Board of Education is committed to employ, train and support a staff that acts to achieve mastery and excellence in education. Our nurturing educational environment and the programs contained within, will provide strategies, skills and resources necessary for our children to become self-reliant, educated, and socially responsible individuals. We believe that all children have a potential to learn. Their progress requires the District to be creative and maximize educational opportunities. We support excellence and innovative learning experiences in partnership with family and community.

Board of Education


Armando Hernandez

Vice President

Kimberly Wheeler

Paul DePace
Donna LaRocco

John Maier
Lisa Pellicane
Joseph Shipley

District Treasurer
Brian Cleary 


(Ingerman Smith LLP.) 

Carrie Ann Tondo

District Clerk
Jaclyn Cacioppo

Communication to the Board of Education should be directed to:
District Clerk
William L. Buck School
75 Horton Avenue
Valley Stream, NY 11581

Board Of Education Calendar